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Poultry meat stand out as being lightweight, easy to digest and chew, and its lower calorie content compared to other meats such as beef and pork.

These meats are rich in proteins, especially the part of the breast, of high biological value. In other words, poultry meat contains a high quality protein.

Poultry meats can be cooked roasted, salted, boiled, steamed, cooked, fried or sautéed. Generally, when it is cooked roasted, the skin is left to preserve the juice and to leave the piece more tasty and juicy. Another way to cook them and make them juicy is to remove all the skin and marinate the fat-free preys in olive oil, lemon, wine vinegar, aromatic herbs and spices.

Today you can find different types of poultry such as Chicken, Hen, Turkey, Ostrich, Duck or Pheasant. The most consumed are turkey and chicken. In addition to traditional chicken, other less common types of chicken stand out, but with a high gastronomic value.

The Hen, the Duck and the Pheasant have a high fat content so in principle the choice of other types of birds is better. Those that contribute less fat are Turkey, Quail, Partridge and Ostrich.

Among the most common poultry are the following:

Picanton: The picantón is slaughtered at one month of age and weighing 0.5kg. The meat of the picantón is tender and of soft flavor, apt to prepare to the grill or to the grill.

Chicken tomatero or Chicken coquelet: This chicken is slaughtered very young with a weight between 0,5-1kg. Tomato chicken has firm, tender and juicy flesh and is used for both roasting and grilling.

Capón: The capon is the castrated and supercharged male, reaching up to 3.5-4 Kg. Its flesh is white, very tasty and aromatic due to its higher fat content. It is used especially for filling or roasting.

Pularda: The pularda is the castrated and supercharged female slaughtered at 6-8 months with a weight of 2.5-3 kg. It has a tasty and very white meat that is cooked whole poached or roasted in the oven.

Hen: Adult female and sacrificed after exhausting her ability to lay. It is used mainly in the preparation of broths and soups, since it provides a hard, fibrous, fat and intense flavor meat.

Another poultry option is the game that has a darker color and a typical “hunting” smell, as well as a characteristic texture of these species. In comparison with domestic animals, game animals can have a harder meat, since the age and time of year greatly affect this quality. The feather hunting can be divided into:

Land Poultry: Partridge, Dove, Quail, Scholar, …
Mountain Poultry: Wild rooster, Grouse, Partridge of the Alps.
Water Poultry: Wild duck, Moorhen or Redfish, Lapwing, …

The nutritional composition of hunting animals is very variable and difficult to assess in a general way. It is determined by factors such as species, age, sex or type of feeding.

Poultry meat is common cooked braised, stewed or pickled. Sauces with strong flavors are often used using wines, berries, mushrooms or even tropical fruits. A very interesting dish is the quail in a hunter sauce with bacon and grapes.

Within our catalog of poultry we highlight the following: Farm and hunting pheasants, Farm and hunting ducks, Barberi, Azulon, Ocas, Geese, Farm and hunting partridges, Field turkeys, Quail, Bress nestlings, Pintadas, Pulardas, Becada, etc … Do not hesitate to ask us about that cut or special piece that you want.

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